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School Schedule

As you know, Volcano School planned to shift to Remote Learning the week after Spring Break.  Since then, we have been subject to state-level directives prohibiting us from moving forward as planned. 


The concerns and challenges at the state level are primarily from Hawaiʻi State Teachers Association (HSTA) and regarding serving students with special needs. Volcano School and many other charter schools are well-equipped for Remote Learning and capable of addressing the concerns that have been raised at the state level regarding equity of instruction. 


As of the writing of this update, we have been directed to refer to all educational activities as “enrichment” until April 30. However, we expect that this date may change to allow formal instruction sooner or the date may be extended to allow “enrichment” only education only for the rest of this school-year.  


For our purposes, we are moving forward with Remote Learning starting Monday, March 30. Though we will refer to activities as “enrichment” until or unless we are authorized to provide formal education, we will be implementing our full Remote Learning program. 


Students and families are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this time so that your child(ren) can continue to progress in their education and learning. Students will not be penalized for lack of attendance or adequate performanceduring the enrichment period. 


We are planning to resume school with full Remote Learning on May 1 or as soon as we are permitted to do so. 

Remote Learning 

VSAS is prepared tooffer a rigorous and engaging educational programthrough Remote Learning.Our teachers have received trainingonhow to use online toolsand have been working on transitioning their classroom curriculum to a remoteformat for the past few weeks. We anticipate needing to work through some challenges as we transition our entire educational program and appreciate your patience and partnership.  

Teachers will communicate the learning plan for their students. The Remote Learning plan for each student will be determined by teachers and will include a combination ofonline, print/book, and experientialassignments, as appropriate. Teachers are implementing a variety of formats to best meet their students’ needs as well as their own teaching styles.

Remote Learning supplemental assignments were sent home Friday, March 13. These supplemental packets were primarily designed so that your child will have something work on in the event that there is an unanticipated gap such as with technology challenges. Some teachers also sent home assignments for core learning in addition to the supplemental work. Please follow directions from your child’s teacher on having your child work on these assignments. Packets that were not picked up by students prior to break are being mailed home to families this week.  In addition to the supplemental packets, the Hawaiʻi DOE Superintendent’s office has prepared continuity of learning activities and resources for families (a great resource) and can be accessed with this link:


We are asking families to support your child(ren) at home to ensure the best learning outcomes possible in this unfortunate and unprecendented situation. We realize the challenges for many families of supervising and helping students with their schoolwork while also having to work from home. With the exception of scheduled online activitiesor meetings with the teacher and deadlines for assignment completion, each family will have flexibility to come up with a schedule that fits your unique situation. We ask that parents honor their children’s learning by supporting learning but not doing work for their children.


Families who do not have anyone to supervise and work with your child at home, please let your child’s teacher or Kim Miller, Social Worker, kmiller@volcanoschool.netknow so that we can help to accommodate your needs. 


VSAS will continue our educational program in a Remote Learning format until it is determined that is no longer needed. In the event that we are able to reopen our campus program before the end of this school-year, we are prepared to provide a Remote Learning option for any family who requests it. 


Access to Materials and Equipment

Wewillbe communicating with students and parents primarily electronically. Some learning activities will be online and some will be paper/book and experiential, but instructions will mostly be communicated online unless a student is not able to accessmaterials online for any reason. 

Every student has a Volcano School Google account with access to Mail, Drive, Hangout/Meets, and other tools that may be usedby the teacher. Subscriptions to online tools required by the teacher will be free for student use.

Families who do not have high speed internet or computer (or other internet-capable device) will be accommodated. 

  • Spectrum is offering free internetand hot spots to support remote learning. 

  • VSAS is able to loan computers and hot spots, if needed. *

  • Teachers are prepared to provide print curriculum for any student who is not able to access educational program online. 

  • Teachers will be contacting families to find out each student's access to technology and needs. 


*Students and parents will need to sign, return, and honor a VSAS Electronic Device User Agreement. The form may be signed and submitted electronically to 

A number of staff members have agreed to deliver the computers to your home or to an agreed upon location.

Campus Facilities are Closed

VSAS Campuses are closed until further notice. No one is permitted on campus except for essential personnel. 


School Meals

School meals are being providedat a number of DOE schools and may be picked up from any of the following DOE schools 7:30-8:00 am for breakfast and 11:30-12:00 pm for lunch.


  • Kaʻū High and Pahala Elementary

  • Mt. View Elementary School

  • Waiākea High School

  • Pahoa High School

  • Konawaena High School


We are in the process of collecting information to inform meal service. We will minimally provide meals in Volcano and Pahala, as needed, either through VSAS kitchen or partnership with other schools.  


Supports for Families

We realize that this is a difficult time for all of you. We hope that you are coping with the pandemic and changes in family life and routine associated with it. If your family is currently experiencing or anticipating any hardship, such as access to food, medicine, or other basic needs or emotional or behavioral challenges with children, please let us know. 


Please contact Kim Miller at kmiller@volcanoschool.netor 808-985-8537 if you are experiencing a hardship or if you are interested in helping to support families in hardship.


In addition to education-related services, we are establishing an informal network for sharing and distributing food or supplies. We are asking any families who have supplies at home and/or who are willing to help transport supplies to please go ahead and let Ms. Kim know so that we can be prepared for a quick response to any needs. 


We realize that the outbreak of COVID-19 may cause fears and anxieties for your children, families, or yourselves. If you or or your child is experiencing emotional challenges related to this situation, please contact Kim Miller for assistance. 



VSAS will need to stay flexible to adapt to this situation as it evolves. Please stay tuned for updates, which will be sent out via our automated call system and posted on the school websites.


If you did not receive an automated call, email, and text messages related to COVID-19 and Remote Learning from the school Wednesday, March 25, please contact us at 808-985-9800 or knagamine@volcanoschool.netor your child’s teacher to provide a current working phone number and email address or to add any of contact methods for receiving automated notifications. Automated call updates are always sent by email and text message with occasional pre-recorded voice calls when needed. 


Updates are also being posted on the school website on a regular basis.


We are hosting Virtual Lunch Q&A sessions every Friday at 12:30 pm via Zoom. Login/Dial-in info is the same every week.


Login from Computer/internet device:

Meeting ID: 223 362 244

Dial   +1 669 900 9128 US (same Meeting ID)

Mahalo for all you do and for being a part of our learning ʻohana. 

Letter to families March 25, 2020

Letter to families March 13, 2020 



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