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Parents as Partners

Parents and families have always been an important part of the school. VSAS was founded by parents and integrates parent partnership and leadership throughout the school.


At VSAS, we recognize parent participation as one of the most critical factors of student success. Parents are welcomed on campus and learning trips and we are always eager to integrate the knowledge and expertise of our families. 


At VSAS, we have a 4-hour per family per year volunteer requirement. There are a number of ways to fulfill this requirement including activities on campus, at special events, or even from home. Visit the Get Involved page to learn more about volunteer opportunities. 


Student Privacy Rights Information

Student Privacy Brochure

Right to Know Qualifications of Your Child's Teacher

Continuing CEP SY 2020-2021

Academic Program (Title I Annual Meeting) Video

Schoolwide Action Plan 2020-2026

Comprehensive Academic Plan (CAP) 23-24 Title I

Supply Lists

Hawaii Nei Winners with Families
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