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Student Supports

Our school believes in including special needs students in the general classroom to the maximum extent possible. Specialized instruction may be provided in small groups or individually within the classroom, through short pullout times, or occasionally in a separate setting. We believe that, if the goal for a student is to maximize success in the general education curriculum (i.e. state standards), this is best reached by appropriate participation, with supports, in the general education setting. We have a strong record of helping our special needs students to academic and social successes.


We also believe that all our students benefit from a school community which includes students with all kinds of strengths and needs, and teaches that differences are part of humanness, to be respected rather than feared. In keeping with this belief, we strive to serve students’ needs, rather than labeling or separating students. Instructional groups, therefore, usually include a mix of “identified” and other students, and may be taught by any appropriate member of the school instructional staff. 


School Social Worker and Counseling - Our school social worker provides a variety of services to support all students’ social and emotional growth, including individual and group counseling, conflict resolution/peer mediation and other peer groups, classroom lessons in social skills, training for recess supervisors, transition planning (especially from 8th grade to high school), and specialized behavioral support plans. A part-time Middle School counselor supports counseling needs for middle school students.

Student Services - A Student Services Coordinator/Educational Resources Manager works to monitor student progress and coordinate supports with parents, teachers, and other staff, including Title I services, English language learner services, and evaluation for special education eligibility as appropriate.


Special Education - Special Education staff (teachers and educational assistants) work to implement specialized instruction for eligible students. 



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